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Open History. Enter Democracy.

The Old State House served as the seat of government in colonial Massachusetts. Old South Meeting House was Boston’s largest gathering place for popular protests and political debate. By bringing these stories together, we are doing something that can’t be done anywhere else.

Who speaks for me? How will my voice be heard? Our answers to these questions tell us who we are, and who we hope to become.

The time is now.

As you know, the Bostonian Society and Old South Association in Boston came together to form Revolutionary Spaces in January 2020. We launched our new mission, vision, and branding during the commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of the Boston Massacre where many of you joined us in the Main Hall of Old South Meeting House. Shuttered a week later by the pandemic, Revolutionary Spaces is once again ready to bring you together for an elegant night of celebration, commemoration, and a view not only into the past, but ahead to the future.